Monday, November 25, 2013

Frazers farm

Last evening Darrel and I decided to take a stroll in his sons farm in Airdrie. We got there an hour before dusk and made the best use of the limited sun time. Most of the farm land is barren since god knows when. We located an old 1968 model International truck and Chrysler's Fargo truck, 1958 model lying near an unused red barn. Couple of horses and sheep were giving us company while we walked around taking pictures. Here are a few of the best from yesterday.

Madhu Madhavan Photography

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Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
I have a passion to shoot still life and portraits. I took up digital photography few years ago and have come to realize that this hobby, that I chose as a means to escape the drudgery of the day is probably one that brings out the best in me. A tiny sliver of time caught for eternity, and worthy of notice, is what I work towards with every image I take. There is no challenge that is too big for me and no job too small. If you like the images I post here then please feel free to comment. All constructive criticism are welcomed.