Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bloody Caesar !

Avinash and Sunita Chandra visited us from Botswana (actually they flew in from Minneapolis) and stayed with us for about 4 days. It was not the best time to visit the Rockies ( unless..of course if your fanatic about skiing/snowboarding) but Avinash decided that we should just concentrate on tasting the best Bloody Caesar (aka the Canadian Bloody Mary) preparations and that journey would take us though different sight seeing locations in and around Calgary. So we started our tasting trip from Fionn MacCool's , Airdrie (near home), Revolving restaurant Sky 360's in Calgary Tower, Cactus Club in Calgary and then for our final signature Caesar at Fairview dining at Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise. Each restaurant served the same stuff but they garnished them differently.

To commemorate the inauguration of an Italian restaurant in 1969, Calgary bartender Walter Chell created Bloody Caesar. Chell took his inspiration from the Bloody Mary, but since clam sauce was on the menu, he spent a few weeks crushing some of these molluscs, until he managed to achieve the perfect balance with the tomato juice. More Bloody Caesars are sold in Canada than any other cocktail. Statistics reveal that over 350 million Caesars are consumed each year in Canada and there are only 35 million people living in Canada...go figure !

Overall a great memorable time spent with Chandras. we should do this again eh!

Mr and Mrs Chandra
@ Cactus Club

Calgary Tower

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@Fairmont Chateau

Lake Lousie

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